At this time, over 100 students each year receive scholarships for books, fees, tuition, and other expenses to attend school. Local schools represented include Culion Elementary School, Malaking Patag Elementary School, Baldat Elementary School, Culion National High School, Loyola College of Culion and WPU (Western Philippines University). Graduates have a better chance for a successful life in Culion or wherever they live. Several students have left Culion to pursue college education and employment elsewhere.


Adults also can benefit from more education. Through our efforts, we enabled a young mother to be certified as a teacher, thereby supporting her extended family. By supporting education, we leverage our efforts to help an entire community.
















Patricia Hilao comments, “It is also of note that previously assisted students are now a part of their newly organized group of young people who are getting involved in community work. Gradually, they now are becoming responsible members of the society and make use of themselves to help fellow needy children.”

When funds permit, the Foundation has been able to renovate or rebuild homes for those most in need. For as little as $500, a sturdy weather-tight home can be provided for an elderly woman, or a needy family who otherwise live with little protection from the elements. In one case, the teenaged son, one of our supported students, helped in the rebuilding of his family home.